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Sunday, July 03, 2005

you may hear angels cheer --

-- because we're together.

Greetings from the condo opposite disgusting Dunman High School!

Just in case you guys don't remember, first lesson on Tuesday (for Geogers) is Geography lesson! I can't remember if it's Human or Physical though. Bah, Erica will probably provide the details, with great passion. The rest of you will probably be having a break or something!

Anyway! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed swimming, grocery shopping and the chalet itself! Especially being officially crowned Queen of Grocery Shopping and successor of Erica for washing plates! Haha! Without me, Mr Chew would've gone broke buying Corn Flakes, Honey Stars, Waffle Crisps and Froot Loops for 11 people to eat. Then there's the rice balls that we ate hahah! (And tried to change flavors.)


Brandon cracks me up.

TWISTER! And photo-taking and surprise birthday celebrations too!

Oh but you guys really have lousy stamina. Can't stay awake past 2.30am. CAN YOU ALL START TRAINING YOURSELVES so next class chalet we can all stay up instead of just me listening to YR's snoring that was 10 gazillion decibels loud.

Am happy to be part of this class! Heh, next class chalet I shall learn to play mahjong, okay? In the meantime, will be busy trying to teach Helen her left and right, and mastering The Shazzy Smile!

Oh yeah, and if I have the time, maybe I will start studying la. See how. Haha!

Good luck for the results of the recent block tests!



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