ruth's photos zero four ay five five: February 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006


All you taggers on the tagboard ah! I want to SMACK you. If you think the blog is dead, WHY DON'T YOU GUYS POST AN ENTRY?! Typical Singaporeans! Only know how to complain. I mean this in the nicest of ways. But since I am a rebel, I shall not conform to the Singaporean mould, and I will ACT and not just say, so here I am, posting random notes just to "keep this blog alive". Soon it will die out anyway. Hurr. Go me, the eternal optimist indeed.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Or, as Sunil Rai would say, "HAPPY CHINKIEST NEW YEAR!". I don't know what to make of all this. The previous post was done just before the examinations, and here we are, about to receive the verdict in a few weeks' time. 'Tis no matter, as a resident bimbo of our class used to say. It shall all pass and life will move on.

Uh, hope life is treating all the army boys well, and may we bless Cho on this CNY for him to get a haircut.

OKAY. I have done my part. So, because of this one post (which I forsee will remain on top for the longest time), this blog is temporarily resurrected.