ruth's photos zero four ay five five: March 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fare thee well!

On behalf of the Geogers of 04A55, I bid all the Math people farewell! And Daphne, the identiy-less person. But we love you, Daph! Haha! We shall troop down to the wonderful, magical paradise commonly known as Malaysia, and we will definitely miss you guys! Although it's only 2 days that you won't see us because of the long weekend. Haha!

Keep First of April free you all! Mr Peh is soon going to have a Mrs Peh. Yeah, yeah, so keep it free alright?

Since we can't be here for the last day of examinations (we really, really wanted to be here), we shall wish all of you Thursday performers all the best! Honestly, from the bottom of my black, rotting heart, I'm very proud of all of you. Performers and designers, fantastic!! Yeah, hope you guys have fun celebrating the end of the very stressful TSD IS Prelims. To our non-TSD classmates, thanks for all the support! We keep getting you all into trouble by using the TSD excuse, thanks for understanding and tolerating! We love you! A lot.

Oh whee, I can't imagine 5 days with the Geogers, they will drive me nuts. But I love them very much. Wish could have a portable keyboard for dear Erica to play.

So glad everything is over, somehow want to go through it again, but I think having gone through it once, makes me cherish it a whole lot more. Love our class, though sometimes don't see many of you around! Haha!

Off to Malaysia, Truly Asia we go!


Tuesday, March 15, 2005


eh people good luck fo ISes. take care, eat well.

bananas are good.


tagboard is hopeless. i'm changing to chatterbox, which is so much more reliable.

see people. should have used chatterbox. when i used chatterbox, the whole world started using chatterbox as well.

ok deluding self. but oh wells.


ok sleep. sleep is important.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

love the sickly.

yes. exactly a year ago. turmoils. anxiety.

04a55 is definitely an eccentric mix. but somehow we managed to stay together very united. its rather queer if we indivisualize everyone cos we all don't seem to fit into the whole united-enthu-image.

we have the ever so quirky brandon, the scary-erica, bimbos (you know who u are - that includes you crystal), the holy trinity, the ever so bitchy-duo (dawn + ehem), carebear.. and other unique individuals whom words cant describe.

we should be proud of ourselves. coming thus far - the late night crewings and now finally being the seniors in tsd. it would be different without you guys. also not forgetting our beloved-troublemaking-we-still-love-you couterparts: 04A52.

lets look ahead to the little milestones that we'll definitely overcome!

Yoz A55!!
Yoz A55!!
Yoz A55!!
Shut up la...