ruth's photos zero four ay five five: November 2004

Thursday, November 25, 2004

shazzy pleads for help.

help. i need to do some fundraising thingy.

anyone wants to buy t-shirts at 12 bucks? it's to help us offset the cost of construction works and everything when i head off to the philippines for my YEP. it's really nice, though how nice i dunno how to say since i doubt i can put the design into my scanner to post it here. but it comes in maroon and dark blue, roughly vjc school t-shirt sizes. XS, S, M, L, XL etc etc.

i highly doubt anyone wants to buy since i am aware of how sucky my sales pitch is, but if anyone has 12 bucks to spare...

in it all, you are helping the tagbanua tribe, a minority tribe in palawan, philippines.


but anyway, enjoy the holidays!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

some kind of beautiful.

Greetings Earthlings!

It is the middle of our holidays, and you are probably thinking "Oh no I have not even started studying/catching up on Econs! I am so dead! Where are my holidays? Where have they gone?" or maybe you are like me "Bah! Econs." Well, for what it's worth, enjoy the next month, cos as Ling told me, you'll want it back when you're cramming for IS and Groups and Endless Common Tests next year.

Anyway, world, go and watch The Truman Show if you haven't already. It's brilliant! And then you can go and watch brainless cartoons (always fun!!) like The Incredibles except I tell you not to watch it with Cho cos it feels like you are bringing your 5 year old son to watch it. But it makes you feel like a mature adult. So people, if you are in a really desperate mood to feel like a Mother or a Father, ask Jon out! You cna be talking to him and suddenly you find yourself talking to no one cos the Ice-Cream man with the bicycle has arrived.

Okay, now for the important announcement that is to set up your Christmas trees and color code it. Like mine is (supposedly) going to be Red and Gold which is very typical so maybe if you come from a really..radical family (thinks Crystal) you can make your tree bright orange!

Running out of things to type. Or rather, fingers feel lazy. So I will end of now. Happy Holidays people! Go and do something by the end of this year. Like something you've never done before in life. Maybe bungee jump, or kiss a frog, or paint your hair. Whatever.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

khairul's first entry

what the hell happened to the nicer template? this is freaking ugly seriously. im gonna chage it.

hary raya to all. shazzy, half the world wears green. yep yep.

i wear grey. wahaha. im gonna change the template

Saturday, November 13, 2004

04a55 Class Chalet 2004

Before i start, i must tell people of my pledge to spread the word of BLOGGING to the 04a55 people!! Like hello!! Class blog!! Let's hope one day, every single one of our class will post an entry here!! *sniffs* Will be heartwarming achievement to the creators: Dawn and Shazzy!

Now here is the class chalet: *drums roll* (for shazzy to enjoy too! hugs! Knew you really really wanted to come. miss you tons)

let's see was supposed to meet at 2.30pm at pasir ris mrt:


rebekah and michelle! (but hey they live near there!)

cho dawn and me came together, and met them!

khairul came soon.

mr chew was going to be late, and cho became the leader!

we waited at weird looking bus stop for bus to come take us to the chalet.

Ruth called! Ask us to buy food for chalet!

we trooped to the NTUC!

Zhon yun came!

whee, slowly we became bigger!

Found helen!

the group had no idea what to buy!

haha. Khairul started led us to the sausage.

when we realised, we had no basket or trolley!


We debated on amount of sausages to buy!

Decided on 50. haha (it was too much, because we had alot of food in the end)

let' see we bought fishballs, sotong and cuttlefish, had marinated chicken wings (that audrey washed!!!) hahaha, pringle potato chips, dubious red looking potatoes that turned out to be really nice (haha), bee hoon, green tea birthday cake for nov babies, almond jelly with longan, and our 50 sausages.


i'm really not blogging properly, but who cares!

Mr chew came! He paid for all our stuff. (like so super nice?! we have to pool our five dollars together, and treat him!)

Oh! we also bought the metal trays, etc and A WATERMELON! Ooh and bags of pears, that i don't remember eating. haha.

OH! and charcoal and firestarter. haha, you can obviously see how well-prepared we were.

GASP! and 5 cups of instant noodle. we forgot to eat! *slams head*

Anyway, it was raining and we waited ages for the bus to go to the aloha camp. Seriously ages! And then kumar joined us! and the group grew. haha

It was lovely riding there, feeling the excitement despite the rain pouring down on us!!

And we reach! tra la la!

Some started unpacking, and some started haha playing bridge in the air con room.

when everybody unpacked, we played HEART ATTACK!

haha super funny.

Zhon Yun started a heart attack, despite not having the cards. haha. it's not funny when i say it now, but it was tremendously at that moment.

Jiehui and Zhan hui appeared! And the group grew

Half the group went to arcade and played (and sweated like pigs), and the other half GASP stayed back to prepare for BBQ. yes we are remorseful.


the arcade kind of sucked, but it was still tremendously fun. I realised that my hands probably ached now, due to the stupid fighting machines. Cannot understand how boys can play them for hours. haha.

We had the BBQ!

and it rained! but it was still highly successful!

even when zhon yun tried to fan the fire, by opening and closing a wet umbrella. *prize-winning bimbo moment*


we played twister (painful!), watched spore idol and prayed for slyvester's safety (minus khairul), and oh man.. went through the torture of watching the Champions.

Sang happy birthday songs to DAPH, KHAI AND JIALI! (our nov babies!)

must add daph and jiali came at like 8 something?! so late!! *pokes*


they had dance.

ruth and brandon came about 9 something? drama club.

haha. people with ccas.

zhan hui and michelle tricked all of us with their 9 card trick. And annoyingly, i still have no idea what the nine card trick TRICK is! but i shall find ouT! *looks at SP pleadingly* haha

zh and i also FINALLY TAUGHT spades to other people! people learn spades and spread it to the world! Jiali, mr chew, dawn and khairul now know how to play!

and we played from 11pm to 3 am i think. Spades is seriously way fun. hahaha

the debate on who shall sleep with mr chew (because mr chew slept early in a room, and there was another bed in the room) but ALL THE GUYS CHICKENED OUT! haha. the girls didn't mind. but everybody slept in th living room anyway, except the spades people. haha.

i shocked khairul with my 5 minute bathing. It felt longer! haha. And i assure you that i am clean.

tried to help SP with her grandfather memorial speech. ZH went for 4am walking!! And what playing with cats. Cho sleepwalked!!!!!

ZH DAWN AND ME drank milo and saw the stars, and made wish

haha. Cho was still sleeping zombie, and almost knocked over the barbecue grill thing.

everybody was super fresh in the morn cept KHAIRUL. who slept quite soundly okie, for 4 hours!!

Dawn and me 2 hours!

We have no idea how long zh slept, if he slept at all, and not very sure if Cho managed to sleep (but saw him half dead in the morning, so assuming he did in the end!)

oh yes, Cho and ZH acted as the gentlemen by covering people with blankets. nice? Chivalry is not dead. I wondered if i spelt that right.

We had early check out. (something i have never done in class chalet, basically because we are all konked out)


went to downtown east

(we walkeD! cos bus came 50 mins later)

due to our youth and vibrancy

ate burger king and macs for breakfast


the bacon is a total fraud.

it's plastic, brown plastic!!!! Made to look like bacon. But really isn't. It's edible yes, but full of salt, that would definitely shorter your life span.

My breakfast was a failed art experiment.

and then after lovely (for some) breakfast, we all trooped home. Most of us anyway.

And that was the end of the first class chalet.

Lots of stuff that happened that i didn't write. But it was really uberly fun!!

to next yr!


Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Return.

Okay, all of you must know that Crystal's computer's resolution is damn huge. For those kind of almost-blind people to see. It's like, a normal size 10 font looks like a size 72 font okay. Don't know why she need such weird resolutions. But anyway.
HELLO!! I AM BACK AFTER NOT POSTING FOR THE LONGEST TIME. Hey only Crys, Shazzy, Erica and I post. This is so unfair. I feel like I'm being exploited just because I am online 24/7.

And everyone should vote for Crystal. Obviously she's the Queen of Bimbos, how can any of you fault that?

Crystal: SP!! I fell in love with a dress!
me: Why don't you buy it?
Crystal: It's a maternity dress.

And oh my goodness, did you know, her idea of home clothes = denim skirt and some white spaghetti-top thang. Normal people wear shorts and a t-shirt but the clothes she wear and the kind of clothes you wear when you go out to town for a movie or something. SEE.

And she says she wants to be a butch because she wants to buy men's clothes. (Like you can't buy men's clothes just because you are a girl. You have to be a butch to purchase clothes. Hm.)

Anyway, you know the list people. You guys all know how many bimbotic occurrences there have been that involve Queen Bimbo, Crystal. Although the other three contestants are quite strong as well (like ZY and the lorry, Daphne and her stupid Chinese drama serials, and Khairul's 'inspirised') but the leader of all is none other than Tan Yan Shi Crystal.

I rest my case.



Crystal violently objects! How can two people (blind mortals) vote her as most bimbotic?!! Look at the other three! (I voted for zhon yun! hello the original!)

And these are the reasons why you should vote for the OTHERS:

1) Shall start with the Queen Zhon YUn

a) The totally copyrighted "hand over mouth" GASP! bimbo look originated from ZY!
--> Used when everybody gets on the bus, and she has conveniently forgotten. She waves us goodbye, then INSERT GASP LOOK because she realises she was suppose to get on too

b) The only bimbo that can do action stunts too!
--> She is on a lorry, happily talking. She sees her friends. She decides not to trouble the driver, and just jumps off lorry. Because the lorry is short. And it's not moving that fast.

c) I can name like hundreds. I mean Zhon Yun, is like the original:

"No man is an island, no dog is a chair"

"My friend knows you, you know!" (to lynn)
Lynn: which friend?
ZY: *thinks* I can't remember. Ask all your friends whether they know me!

(after awhile)

ZY: (shouts) i know!
Lynn: who?
ZY: (pauses) I don't know.

I mean, i can go on and on, but i shan't. Because now i have to give blog space to the other deserving bimbos.

Shall as DAPHNE!

a) She is the original chinese bimbo.
--> If in doubt, please ask her to act out her favourite chinese drama scenes. Especially the tragic moments. I can assure you, you will laugh till you can die.

Esp the Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, war parts.'

Where an elephant almost stomped on one of the princes, and alot of arrows all shot into someone's chest.

Ask Daph to simulate that. hahahahaha

Was chatting with Daph one day...

Crys: So do you like your sister's fiance?
Daphne: He is quite nice. His foreigner.
Crys: Their baby will be soo cute!
Daphne: Yeah, of course! Look like their auntie what!

i can't remember all her follies, too many to name! But vote for her, if you want the oriental flavour!

3) Last but not least, the original HIMBO! KhairuL!

I mean. Seriously. He is totally himbotic. Totally. I still remember when i went home with khairul, something wrong would ALWAYS happen.

For example, he made me wait for a bus that wasn't going to come except 1 and a half hour later. And all those stupid bus whizzing past us, because we weren't paying attention.

Or taking two forks. And going to replace it. And then coming back with two spoons.

I mean seriously,khairul has so much himboticness to offer.


why isn't shariza on the list?

i suspect foul play!

*nods head fervently*

Please address all these grievances, for a better world.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


hoho! shazzy here. please vote. your vote matters.

Who is the most bimbotic in our class?
Zhon Yun

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