ruth's photos zero four ay five five: January 2005

Saturday, January 29, 2005

heck! here comes a NEW year!

Why's the whole world lamenting about where 2004 has gone to? i was like yes! 2005 is here! finally the time has come for us to get our brains working about our ISes! haha! and the moments we had in 2004 can be revived! singing at the piano and all! its just whether we see our lives in sch as smth fresh to be enjoyed. like a juicy peach.

Personally, i think this year is much much more exciting! We seniors! haha i always love being the oldest batch in school. I like the identity. don't know why.

I must confess, i shld be doing my greek essay now.

i beginning to like the greeks, regardless of what i've questioned earlier abt the practical significance of studying a primitive form of theatre. Yet i've realised that good things come in a cycle. Greek theatre was rich in symbolism, in architecture, and rather stylized, completely fresh and exotic! the pioneers are always still the best. I mean look at the Pyramids and the Great wall of China. in a way, the epidaurus still remains a marvel in the modern age.


Friday, January 28, 2005

hey world.

suddenly it occured to me that our 04 batch of tsd people are the luckiest batch. we got the excellent facilities for our practicals in the new 24hours. brand new for us to use for our As. we got to enjoy a year of absolute comfort in the old workshop.

i miss the old workshop. where we laze around in total filth. where the main purpose of our bags in there is to trip over people. where whateer nonsense we want would be found somewhere in the drawers, in the cupboards, under the sofa, or in the dustbin. where it became the equivalent of home during the may/june period. where we had useless junkwhich were too sentimental to be rid of then. like the fridge. the mound. the sofas.

oh well. 24 hours. air-conditioned. squeaky clean. nice and orderly. well, it would take time for memories to be constructed.

but it's unnerving to think some of our people's faces would be immortalised along the walls and frames for quite some time. like when you return to visit in a couple of years, you'll think "oh my goodness i've grown so old and ugly. where have all the vitality and the fire in our eyes gone to?" then you'll feel like total crap.



as random a thought as it can get, i suddenly feel like saying i love you geogers.



I realize that i've not posted anything on this blog since last year. so will do my part now along with all the geogers. (: and math people! post! Yup, totally agree with crys, i really REALLY miss those singing sessions! Accidentally in love...haha, remember that so clearly. (: Dawn and crys forcing me to listen to the song on their ipods, but i think it grew onto me. I didn't like it at first, but well...since it was part of Shrek...i'm biased, i love children shows, so i'll learn it. Haha...although shazzi has yet to give me a good reason to play for her her beloved chinese song. I'll play it on the harp if you want shazzi, just for transportation? Haha..

Not feeling exactly good now after being chased off the piano while trying to destress by a bunch of year 1s coming out from a science lec. But its ok.

Group slot coming up! Showing! Haha, i'm getting high thinking about it, the silly things we all do during group. Hang in there everyone, i'm sure we'll all produce wonderful pieces of theatre by the end of it! (: And for IS, urmm...i've yet to get past act 1 scene 1. SIGH.

Okie, going for group. (: Something to keep me sane despite the overwhelming number of essays.....remembering you all econs people too....have fun!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Accidentally In Love

I'm sure geogers remember this song very clearly.

It crystallises ( i had to use the word) a very beautiful moment in our year 1 life.

Erica who never plays pop songs, got influenced by us, and learnt it by ear on the piano.

We bopped heads, and hummed along.

What a beautiful song.

During those one period breaks.

Those breaks.. where we try to do tutorials and wonder why the malay stall chicken has lost its crunch.

We don't sing anymore.

Does that say anything?

Maybe we have grown up abit more, burdened lots more.

Maybe another song will come and sweep us all up.

Maybe that moment is gone.

Happiness is repetition. But oh, is it very bad to want one more time?

- crystal

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Where has 2004 gone? I want the nice outdoor tables where we used to slave away for Econs Promos (and yet still suck terribly at it) before we gave up and went blading at East Coast (with the excuse 'taking a break') and blast weird music, most recognizably from Rau's or Corrie's or LiTing's CDs. And Jon would lock himself in the Reading Room and later come out, get on his bicycle and go home. I don't even see his bicycle anymore! I have a picture of Raudhah posing on the bicycle like it was a Harley-Davidson. I don't like our 24-hr workshop very much. I THINK TIME IS NOT BEING VERY NICE TO US HERE!! Half the time we are worrying about school-related work, the other half is spent doing it. We are not spending time wisely here!!

Let's do a Year One spur-of-the-moment thing, except this time it will be a planned one! We will all troop down to the beach and jump into the sea and scream and play like we have just ended our Geography Promos (which seemed like EVERYTHING ended, and life has just begun) and we will feel 16 again (or 17 if you are an old, old fogey).

Pause. (Like an absurd piece!)

I day-dream too much. We don't have anymore time left for life, eh?

She got out of town on the railway, new york bound
Took all except my name
Another alien on broadway
Well, some things in this world you just can’t change
Some things you can’t see until it gets too late

Baby, baby, baby when all your love is gone
Who will save me from all I’m up against out in this world
And maybe, maybe, maybe
You’ll find something that’s enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don’t receive you
You should turn yourself around and come on home

I got a hole in me now
I got a scar I can talk about
She keeps a picture of me in her apartment in the city
But some things in this world
Man, they don’t make sense
Some things you don’t leave until they leave you
And then the things that you miss

-Matchbox Twenty; Bright Lights

No worries! Am still as sane as I..uh, ever was. Hehh.


over the hills and far far away

sometimes, things tend to go so far and you wished that it hadn't begun in the first place. let us be nice.

Those who know what i know, know what I'm saying.
Those who don't, won't know. Not from me.



anyway jie hui, your post. i just realised that yeah it's true it's our last year in uniforms and singing the national anthem (unless that is, i end up joining the army or something supposedly patroitic as that.). i think i might actually try to sing the anthem once in a while. sod.


ooh! before i forget... hello you guys! you guys who are now doing econs. happy studying,yah? zhon yun, erica and i will be behind you guys all the way, giving you our utmost support.

ok sorry. couldn't help it.


as redundant as it may seem, i feel like peeing. however, looking at how lazy i am, i'm prolly going to let my bladder suffer. so guys, if you do not want me to suffer from incontinence, buy me diapers for my birthday. huggies pullups preferbly.


time to do greek essay. break legs.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Being Seniors

yay! We are finally getting more classmates to like POST! Crystal's dying wish (actually not dying, but before we all graduate OK!) is for every single one of 04a55 to post an entry. I know by sheer will power, somehow, i will make everyone post! Hmm.. maybe seduced by my delicious (as soon as i learn how to make them) mango puddings!

Sigh. Groups is coming down on us sooooo fast.

Anyway, my main reason for posting is to address the brouhaha of this senior junior big mess thing. Mainly, also because i know some 05a55 juniors read this blog!

The apology card is very sweet, and it's nice to know that juniors are willing to make the effort.

It would also be nice if juniors don't gossip so much about seniors, and we'll try to make this a mutual effort! Afterall, we are all very nice people, so let's not let misunderstandings stand in way of forging strong bonds! (TSD IS A FAMILY!)

Cheers, for lovelier times ahead!

Let's make TSD a home for everyone!

*cue nice music*

Sunday, January 23, 2005

A 2005 for 04A55

Wow, i finally learned how to post an entry. haha! this year seems exciting right? wads with tsd exams and all..haha. mm. anyway. we really shld enjoy this year b4 its passes us by. All the best for IS, groups and all. see u ard in sch.
Oh u realize its our last year singing the national anthem and wearing school uni? i'm determined to make the best of it.

--jiehui. =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

18 days into 2005.

Random message to spur y'all on. Hang in there (for anyone going through slight IS stress) and we will all pull through together. Cannot believe we are actually Year Twos because I don't really want to be one. We don't gather around grand pianos to sing Disney songs anymore, or sit around canteen tables talking a whole lot of nonsense (like why guys wank hahaha) and all we do now is rush through Econs tutorials and research for our IS-es. I miss being a Year One as much as I miss being 4 years old. Ahh.

Anyway, happy song!
This thing called love
I just can't handle it
This thing called love
I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Crazy little thing called love

This thing (this thing)
called love (called love)
It cries (like a baby)
In a cradle all night
It swings (woo woo)
It jives (woo woo)
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to Rock'n'Roll
She drives my crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

I gotta be cool
Get hip!
Get on my tracks
Take a back seat
Hitch hike
And take a long ride on my motor bike
Until I'm ready
Crazy little thing called love

-Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE!; Queen

Saturday, January 15, 2005

hey there.

welcome to a fresh new year for us to make more wonderful memories.

and not-so-wonderful ones too.