ruth's photos zero four ay five five: September 2004

Saturday, September 25, 2004


haha hey announcement!!!daphne went to sch EVERYDAY 4 dis past wk!!!im so proud of myself k...ah haha im turn9 over a new leaf hee...anw, if any of u r feel9 stressed over e promos, pls noe tt u're not e only 1. i am dy9 w stress!wad if not enough time to study???haiz i shall juz do my best...n prob drop econs or maths, depend9 on which i do worse 4 haha...haiz see crystal u're not!!!let's jia you tog...okie???yeah...=(

btw pple, check out my new layout!=) shall go study now...
PS:im not a bimbo...
PPS:brandon is so bad!haha
PPPS:wassup w guys?haiz haha...

Crystal's 4th Post: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am in love. Not only with tigers, white beautiful tigers, that sparkle of soul! But with the word, "wheeeeeeeeeeeee". I can't help loving it. It makes me happy.

Love = happy.

Yes, from such a brilliant equation from above, why do the heck do i not take maths?

Am being very irrelevant these days. haha

"I heard the farm cocks crowing, loud, and faint, and thin,
When hooded night was going and one clear planet winked:
I heard shrill notes begin down the spired wood distinct,
When cloudy shoals were chinked and gilt with fires of day.
White-misted was the weald; the lawns were silver-grey;
The lark his lonely field for heaven had forsaken;
And the wind upon its way whispered the boughs of may,
And touched the nodding peony-flowers to bid them waken."
- Daybreak in A Garden, Siegfried Sassoon

From the poem above, would you be surprised to find out that Sassoon was a war poet? haha. With winfred owen?

I just learnt of that fact!!

I have stopped reading war poems. Makes me so depressed. Let's read about love and happiness instead! haha..

Am trying to prolong my indulgence, so i do not have to start applications of D and S.

Oh waits, my nap!


All who go for Physicist play, the dress code is STRIPES. Yes, either your top or bottom,or both! Must wear ok? OR suffer ostracisation!

yes, tsd costume ppl are evil.

And come on, it will be fun.

Fun = happiness = love.

Yes, don't learn the Maslow's hierachy. Learn the crystal equations, and you will reach


shall leave before i spurt more nonsense.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


yaay, we got more bloggy posters! hello erica hello daphne. erica, you dont need to adopt such a miniscule font. daphne, you and your smileys....

ok, shant say anything else. not nice. we have the right to do anything, right? fine whatever. apey talks nonsense after too much wage theory.


(points to the cartoon picture of scooby doo characters, specifically the bimbo daphne character)

"All Daphnes are pretty."

who do you think said that?


dear daphne, you are so damn cute...

Is that theft, thinkst thou?

the greatest ever,

meow apey the great

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

wa i din noe can put title de haha

hello!!!daphne invades dis space!!!haha my posts shall be purple so everyone will noe it's me...haha anw poor dawn still can't type...awww so sad...haha anw im here to complain!aunty gwen always bullies me...cries... Sobbing n see?i shall liven up e blog by post9 all my cute cute smileys!haha n i bet dawn will sae no!they're not nice!remove em frm my sight!haha but no!they r here to stay!haha ok im rather mad todae...hee... Serenade i juz found dis!doesn't it remind u of conan n carol?ok ya la they look better, but so swt ma haha i love their piece...uh smileys cnt put anymore le...nvm, nxt post!haha acty i suspect dawn did some magical powers to make em disappear...haha ok im accus9 her of lotsa thgs!haha ah yee gwen 4gv me k?

haha ok bad!i shall need to rush off now...every minute more i spend here typ9, i feel lyk im los9 a mark in my promos!no dis can't happen...i shall run back to my oligopoly notes at dis instant!haha bye!!!reminds me of e stupid film9 we had to do todae haha...ok la hey peeps, all e best 4 mugg9 k?we all can do it!let's work hard together!n look 4ward to class chalet!=)

Crystal Writes A Letter to Everyone

Dear Everyone,
I know this period must be hard. So please take a look at this:

Do something you are passionate about.
Determine for yourself what is worth committing too.
Then, persevere in measuing yourself by those standards and not by the different standards of the world.

Grades matter, but i believe that it's what in your heart that matters most. If you lead a life, that is full, even if it doesn't mean anything, or to the ones around you, at least you have led a life that satisfied you. And that's what life should be about.

I believe everyone in 55 will make it next year. Don't disagree with me, or i will poke you to death.

I sound so very solemn in this entry, and did not use any short forms at all. Did i? hahahaha.

"Geese appear high over us,pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,as in love or sleep, holds them to their way, clearing the ancient faith: what we need is here. And we pray, not for new earth or heaven, but to be quiet in heart, and in eye, clear. What we need is here."
What we need is here, Wendell Berry

Blogger probably ruined the syntax. But it's beautiful anyway. If you want to see the original, go . Though, i'm sure no one will bother. hahaha.

Lots of love,

Was such a blurrie. Haha, i thought i posted this in the afternoon, turns out i didn't! Yes, attracted to the internet. Amazing race 5 rocked. Am going to go sleep. Am falling sick.


I have no idea, not the slightest idea how to blog! But since i'm stuck at home with nothing to do waiting for panadol to take effect i guess i'll just type here and wallow in self-pity. Oh yes, zhon yun! You didn't get lost right after i left you at that bus stop? I hope not!

Hello fellow geogers, how was the human geog lecture? Yin ren probably falling alseep on shazzi's shoulder again..disturbing sight. I feel so deprived this week. What with the missing of phy geog tutorial on monday (yes dawn...your beautiful mindmap reccomended by ms lian is still with me!) and now missing human geog lecture...*sniff* I just understood the models of city structure this morning, i have no mood for anything else...perhaps a dose of plath poetry, maybe some nice nature or harp poems will help. Oh, i have to be happy for one thing at least, i missed double period chinese!!! That teacher's scary, and she goes way too hello, she doesn't realise that there are people who don't speak her ignorant can she get?

I love plath poetry...especially the sheep in fog poem..go read it everybody! Crys any nice harp poems? Somehow i have this weird image in my mind now of toy vegetables jumping up and down the kitchen top smiling. How cute.

I'll go play harp..i can't stand it anymore. The instrument calls....i succumb like a river plunging down as a waterfall laughing with joy sending sparkles into the air, blessed release. Must be overload of geog.

Sometimes i don't understand myself. Is there such thing as a harp obsession? Wish i could drop out of school and spend all my time on harp and music and God and nature...*sigh*

erica fades into the background as usual....

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Return of the Dawn

Hello everyone!

I am well aware that my presence here is duly missed. I apologize. It is obviously not my fault that is such a screwed up site because it doesn't allow me to post. Honestly. SOMEONE SHOULD SUE THEM!!


I need to say this: The new Economics teacher may have founded my sudden [very, very wrong] love for the subject. It does help that she has a whiny voice that forces you to stay awake, but hey, she's good, no? Brandon and Michelle [and possibly all the other Economics genius in the class may beg to differ] but this is actually one of the rare moments in life when Econs is vaguely interesting. It even beats Plath tutorials. These are the things you have to think about! Like wow, a revelation huh Mrs Ang?

Oh yes! 'Twas a lovely week last week. Heh, school seems boring now without slots to look forward to [no one can resist beating Cho up!] and all we do is EconsGeog[Math]Lit all day long. But I am thankful that I was smart enough to not opt for a CMathFMathPhysicsChemistry combination which is the equivalent of death. That irrelevant nonsense aside, good job you guys!

If you're all mugging like crazy for Promotional Examinations, and you find yourself standing on the ledge of your 28th floor each night contemplating whether or not to take the tiny step to end this pain and torture, DO IT. [Yes, I am training for my future profession, that is to be a Psychologist/Counsellor.] I'll meet you There.

Ah crapbananababasinghmamasanshit. Things will start to pick up and before you know it, it'll be the 12th of October. Hang in there! Class chalet awaits us. -cue dramatic type of cina music-


Friday, September 17, 2004

shazzy the great

we link up a52, okay no?

tsd exams almost over for all of us. yaayness... happy mugging for promos. and what's this of kicking students out of school?!?! GASP! no more retainment(if there is ever such a word)?

so study hard. if i get kicked out, i'll go apply to mcdonald's. who's joining me? pizza hut will do too.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Crystal's 2nd post: Group Piece is OVER

Since no one updates our poor, little abandoned class blog. I shall! Although i'm super damn tired. Shall announce to the dark internet world, that group piece has ended! Yeahs.

Am exceedingly proud of our class. We all rock.

Even if the grades, (say or don't say) we rock.

We do okie?

Repeat after crystal.

or as cactus would remind me, repeatance.

04a55 rock.

and so do 04a52 i must add!!

Okie, conclusion: TSD rocks.

Whoever disagrees, what's wrong with you?

Go read a hundred rilke poems.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

crystal's first post! yeahs!

"Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels' / hierarchies?"
Rainer Maria Rilke

yeah i love Rilke! haha. Anyway, oh yes.. what am i gonna say? Ooh let me go choose a special font, that shall represent crystal. Georgia! ooh it looks the same to me. trebuchet! hey trebuchet is cool. It's like full of strength. fat and round. reminds me of someone's handwriting.

Courier! Hey, this looks like SP's handwriting.

How about this? Oh this sucks. There is no.. writing that looks like me. Probably, because my own handwriting look like frog legs squeezed onto paper.

Am feeling rather outish. Head aches tremendously. Migraine anyone?

usually, i'm not of the right mind. Haha. So imagine me, with a really painful mind.

Yes, i do have a mind.

Oh.. i'm just crapping. Was really nice to see audrey's post! yeah! a mathser!! rare species in blogland. haha. Only maths of 55 blog i know is the bimbo Daphne.

I am tired. I wish i could sleep, and wake when promos are over. And it's time for baking, and reading, and movies, and outings! And happiness!!

And ooh. operation too. haha.

I wish i could have the powers of teleportation.

travelling makes me sleepy. And make me rest my head on strangers.

Which is BAD.

Shall go off now. Am not making sense.

I feel like shariza. hahahahaha. Kidding.

"there's a carol in all of us"

Quotable quote from crystal.


Haha, hey peeps, aud here. No, we shall not let dawn and shazzy dominate this blog, so i shall leave my first contribution to the blog. Just wanted to say all the best for exams next week, everyone's been working hard, so yeah go break a leg, and it'll all be over soon. Then haha, we can start working hard again, but for our promos instead. Quite freaky seeing some of you study already, i havn't really yet, will have to work like crazy when exams are over... Good luck ot me, and to all of you. Love ya, love us... :)

Monday, September 06, 2004

world domination

no, maybe blog domination. where are you other people..... crystal? brandon? where art thou? (ok, maybe not THAT phrase)

but i think you people still doesnt know the existenc of this right? oopsies.


as predicted.

Yeah Shazzy! We're totally dominating this little space we have online. I hate this font, you know, I just use it to piss you people off. Hahaha.

Bimbo Update #1:
(on SMS)
Dawn: SP! Where art thou?
Crystal: Art thou eunos link.

The SMS itself rendered me speechless. I had no idea what I should've text back (Perhaps I should've gone "No, I am Dawn.") I shall be on a look-out for similar happenings and post them here (sort of like my practising to be a journalist on New Paper or some equally trashy tabloid).

Okay, hello hello to anyone who reads this, let me tell you guys something you ought to already have known eons ago, that is:

Yes, it is colored for emphasis. Oh, which reminds me, I think PC should be colored so we can say "the word is colored for emphasis." I'm sure you all agree with me.

Seriously. I'm just shit bored waiting for dinner time, so yeah.

Here's a nice reminder:




as dawn predicted, me and her (or is it she and i?) prolly gonna be the most frequent blogger. hee. blog blog! and tag tag tag! this blog gonna be so dead otherwise.

and is anyone good in html IT graphics thingamajig? please do something about the pathetic state of out blogskin. (i did suggest the banana and durian blogskin but dawn just had to vehemently refuse) go plonk some class photos or something!

ok the bed beckons. sleep. tomrrow we're attempting to study. econs. attempt.

and crystal was caught at orchard with a hot guy. *wink wink*

~my heart goes sha la la la la~

-shazzy the great

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Oh gosh. Shazzy just said "*snort snort*" to me. I am laughing like I've gone mad. Okay yes, essentially I've got sugar-charged genes in me, BIGFATDEAL. Do you guys like paragraphing stuff? Cos I do. But I don't know why I'm not paragraphing. I feel like I'm on a high. At midnight. This is not a good sign. Does this mean I'm going to go crazy the entire night! -gasp- NOOO. But I suppose it's a good thing. I can study and mug and become an intellect. -pause- DID I JUST SAY THAT?! Oh no. I'm turning into one of them. SAVE ME.

Oh hey, what do you know, you can play around with the color of the words! It's quite rainbow looking. Like Paddle Pop. You know? As in the ice-cream with too many colors for it's own good? Uh-huh. Is this post taking up too much space, cos what I'm doing here is rambling on and on and on and on get the picture. I think I'll stop before I self-combust and certify myself schizophrenic.No you aren't schizophrenic, Dawn. -gasp- WHO SAID THAT! Nuh.



yaay! finally it's up. excuse the gross template.